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Our years get tucked away…

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They get neatly stacked inside a shoebox, and carefully placed on a shelf at the back of our closets.

Years come and go while box, upon box… the stack grows.

Steadily, the world speeds up as dust slows down to rest on things forgotten.

Things like old photographs in boxes, sitting on a shelf.

The memories fade one by one in checkerboard fashion.

Flashes, moments, and minutes are blotted from our daily thoughts.

Awareness must turn to future things…. like tomorrows.

Our minds instinctively move forward in order to evolve and progress.

People can not wake each morning with their backs to the sunrise.

We get up with the dawn, we live, and we lay down at night.

Day after day, the cycle repeats and clocks tick forward.

Day after day memories sit on that shelf, fading.

But dust does not mean insignificance, and once in a while the world slows down.

Once in a while, a vague memory is pulled to the surface of our mind.

When that happens, we find ourselves in slo-motion, walking back to a closet shelf…

Reaching up, our hands feel the soft blanket of dust on the exposed edge of a box.

Slowly, the first one is brought down.

We sit down comfortably, the lid is lifted, and the memories trickle in.

Grandmas wearing aprons and grandpas wearing hats, stand on front porches.

Black and white images of non-smiling faces, remind the universe that a photo is serious-

-it’s a formal record of time.

We are reminded of years that fell away from us, as we flip through them like playing cards.

Colored, square photographs with rounded corners and cursive handwriting on the back.

Off-centered Polaroids in faded tints of blues and greens.

Boys standing in a row, barefoot, and babies sitting on grass.

The warm nostalgia that fills us up is just what we need.

Life can be draining sometimes.

We can be thirsty, without knowing it.

Positive connections that we had with our own history, are being reestablished.

A sense of purpose for tomorrow is renewed, as reasons from the past are revealed.

While pondering this, a family member enters the room.

The outside world has quieted, and this person takes a seat on the floor, next to you.

Questions begin about this photo here, and that person there.

The storytelling starts.

With every image and every detail, history unfolds.

Things blurred by time are brought into focus and remembered.

Our personalities explained in these bits and pieces….

…these photos.

Clues to our futures.

The stars have aligned, and no one is sending text messages, or surfing the internet.

Opening the next box and flipping through another stack… one photo… another… and another…

Images, memories, photo after photo…

another… and another . . . .


This one needs a moment.

T h i s .

So much of you in this one photo…this one snippet in time.

There’s no explaining how much this image means, words aren’t important compared to this.

Holding it, staring at it, nostalgia settles in.

After a brief pause, and a blink, it’s set aside.

On to the next photo, moving forward…

We can see keys to our future lives, when we thumb through our past.

To check out where I received my inspiration for the slides pictured Visit Yarn Zombie

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