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On a tour through blogland…

A few weeks ago Karen, from Redoux Interiors, invited me to join the tour that highlights great blogs throughout the internet.  I am very flattered that Karen picked my blog because I have looked up to her and her gift for spotting potential in unwanted things.  (Not to mention her amazing talent for painting and finishing.)  If you haven’t been to her blog, check it out.  You’ll be glad you did!

about karen redoux interiors

As part of this tour, I was asked to answer 4 getting to know you type of questions.  Easy enough, I can answer questions all day long.  Heck, I’ll answer them, even if I don’t know the answer.  (Yo- I just change the question.)

Question 1}

What are you working on right now?

(The actual question: what is one of the things you’re working on right now?)


The kitchen desk area in my home.  We’ve been living here for about 5 years, and I’m finally at a place where I can focus my energy on making this house mine.  I mean “ours”.  Here’s a before shot of the area.


…and here is a “in progress” photo:

kitchen desk area remodel in progress

I’ve got a bit of electrical and sheetrock repair to do, (plus other things)  but it’s coming along.  (I find if I keep saying “it’s coming along”,  it seems like it is, in fact, coming along.)

There will be an interesting blog post on this project once it’s complete, I’ve just got to well- complete it!

Moving on to Question 2}

How does my work differ than others in this genre?



It’s mine?  My work, is well… mine.  That’s how it’s different.  The things I create aren’t from a project plan or outline.  They aren’t from the mind of a master craftsman, or the hands of an experienced contractor. The things I create come from my very own complicated, distracted, and compulsive brain.  I am influenced first by the materials I reclaim or salvage.  From there ideas take shape in my minds eye, and in-between doing daily wife and mom things, they are created.  I don’t have a plan, (obviously.) and I don’t have cut lists. (what are those?) I have stories that need to be told even if my husband, mom, and Lisa are the only ones who hear them.  The materials I use, the changes I make in my home, and the methods I use are all for a reason.  There’s a space between an idea and a completed project that my inner dialogue loves to make use of.  My blog enables me to free that inner dialogue that’s been taking up valuable real estate.  (Wait.  What was the question again?)


Question 3}

Why do I write/create what I do?


I think I just answered that in my previous paragraph?

Question 4}

How does your writing/creating process work?


Jeez I may have covered that too, but I’ll go over it quickly just in case.

I start with materials (wood, furniture, scrap anything) that are interesting or that need to be rescued.  I don’t like to see things go to waste, so I will “collect” it and give it a place to stay until an idea or opportunity comes up.  Sometimes, I have certain pieces of randomness for a year or two before it’s number is called and I have just the perfect use for it.  (My husband is very good at helping me keep it organized.)   Everything I reclaim or salvage can be something.  I feel happy when a little, tiny, spec of this world’s history can live on.  When you reuse, repurpose, or reclaim, stories of things are made longer and more interesting.  These things that we surround ourselves with, have more meaning.

Well, that’s it for now.  Hope you enjoyed reading a little more about My Altered State.  If you have any questions, ask away!

Continuing you on this Tour Of Blogland,

Jaime, from So Much Better With Age. 

Jamie from So Much Better With Age blogs about French & vintage decor.  If it was made in France, chances are she bought it ridiculously overpriced so it’s great that she balances that with junk and vintage finds throughout her house.  She also loves organizing, baking, and throwing parties.  Her blog is full of ideas and inspiration!  Check in on her blog, and find more reasons why things are, in fact, so much better with age.

jamie so much better with age intro

So Much Better With Age Trunk

Jamison from Rogue Engineer.

Jamison is an aerospace engineer during the day, and a DIY engineer at night.   In case you didn’t catch that one part, I’ll repeat:  he is an aerospace engineer during the day, and a DIY engineer at night.  He finds amazing pieces of furniture and reverse engineers them in CAD, providing thorough and easy plans so that anyone can build!  His website/blog consists of detailed furniture and decor plans, finishes and more!  He’s brilliant and he’s got great taste in both furniture AND decor. (His lovely wife might have something to do with that part.)

Go see what an engineer-gone-rogue does when he’s not doing aerospace stuff!

Rogue Engineer Console Table


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