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Decorative Wall Sconce

Sometimes I accidentally use words that sound fancy.

Like the word “sconce”.

I’ve been planning to make a pair to go in my kitchen for a while, and when I saw these wine bottle wall vases from Shanty 2 Chic, I was inspired.

Not only was I finally going to make a pair of decorative wall sconces, but I would get to use a couple of these glass test tube thingy’s in the process.

glass test tube upcycle vase sconce

(This is why I hang onto stuff.)

I used a 2.5 inch wide piece of scrap wood for these.  (Nice, fancy wood, because ya know… “sconce” .)

Slanted ends looked nice, so I did miter cuts and pre- drilled holes for the pipe strap.

miter cut wall sconce diy

I also wanted these sconces to have a slight sheen to them, so I applied one coat of polyurethane.

minwax polyurethane clear coat wood diy

Once they were dry, I just went ahead and nailed them to the wall.

First, I nailed the long piece.

diy wood wall scone

(I nailed it in the center so the next piece would hide them.)

Then I added the top piece in an inconspicuous location.  (Where the pipe strap would hide them.)

nail gun ryobi airstrike

The last step was attaching the pipe strap.

As you can see in the next photo, that’s exactly what I did.

hardware wall sconce attaching mount

Actually, the last step was slipping the glass tube through said pipe strap.

Well, technically, the very last step was adding some dried lavender that I stole from another decoration in my home.

Decorative Wall Sconce My Altered State


Let me take a second to point out the Nailer that has changed my life.  This was my first project using the Ryobi Finish Nailer, and l am not kidding when I say it has changed my life.  Colors seem brighter, the air seems fresher, and at random times throughout the day, I catch myself looking over and smiling at my Nailer.  Thank you, Ryobi, for sending me this awesome tool.


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