DIY Wood Floral Display

DIY Floral Display

I’ve always believed that it’s a good day when you can put some random glass test tubes to use.

If you don’t have glass test tubes laying around, they can easily be purchased on the internet or found in your local thrift store on a randomly lucky day.

My inspiration for this simple project comes via Shanty2Chic, where they created a tutorial for putting glass soda bottles to use.

My version has different dimensions (test tube sized dimensions), so I modified some specifics.

First, I started by cutting some scrap.

scrap wood vase

The tricky part for me, is always the measuring.   I chose to take a strip of paper, fold it in half several times, and get equally spaced lines to act as a template.  Smart?  I don’t know.  Lazy?  Probably.

using paper to measure equally

This paper method allowed me to use a pokey thing to mark the board for the holes.

measuring holes

Then I drilled pilot holes with a small drill bit, to  keep the large drill bit from walking all over the board.

drilling equally spaced holes

large drill bit

To give the bottom of the little test tubes a place to rest, I clamped the top strip (with the holes) to the bottom strip, and barely drilled a dent.

diy glass wood vase

I painted the pieces white before I assembled.

Then, a little Gorilla wood glue on the end pieces…

gorilla wood glue

and then a little nail gun…

ryobi cordless nail gun

and boom.  Just add test tubes.  (And flowers.)

DIY floral display vase wood and glass test tubes bottle

diy centerpiece window box display


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