DIY Holiday Stocking Post

DIY Holiday Stocking Post

Today is a virtual party day where select bloggers share a customized version of a Holiday Stocking Post as part of The Home Depot DIY Workshop series.

*Links to the other members of this virtual party are at the end of this tutorial.  Be sure to check out their versions of the stocking post for some DIY inspiration.

You can sign up for the free DIY Workshop at The Home Depot here to build your own Holiday Stocking Post this Saturday November 19, (10am) at a store near you.

holiday stocking post christmas decor

**(The Home Depot offers worshops at all of their locations for do-it-yourselfers of all ages and experience levels: Do-It-Yourself (DIY), Do-It-Herself (DIH) and Kids.  Learn how to build decor projects, how to make easy home repairs and how to operate tools through demonstrations and step-by-step instructions.)

Here’s a look at how my stocking post came together.

I began building my stocking post with some basic lumber:

  • 4×4 post-  41″ in length
  • 23/32″ thick plywood-  16×16″ square
  • 1×2″ boards-  17″ in length (4)
  • 1×2″ scrap pieces-  about 2.5″ x 6.5″ each (4)

diy holiday post for stockings

After sanding all the boards, I laid it out to make sure everything lined up.  I centered the base of the post on the plywood and traced around it.

Setting the post aside, four holes were drilled inside that traced square on the plywood.  (These four holes act as a guide when everything is flipped upside down to attach to the post.)  With the post and base upside down, I lined up the four holes as a guide to drill four pilot holes into the bottom end of the post.

diy christmas stocking post

After the square base was attached to the post, I glued/nailed the 1×2″ strips around the edge to frame and stabilize the base.

build a stocking post

Next, came the leftover, goopy, white paint.

white paint christmas holiday stocking hanger

Here’s a shot of me scraping off some goopy white paint while it was still wet to save myself the trouble of sanding it after it dried.

distress white paint

To give my post some bulk towards the top, the hooks were mounted to some wood scraps before being added on the post.

stocking hooks

This is where I stop and tell you that my youngest boy, Beckham, was concerned about Santa’s ability to find the stockings.  It was kind of stressing him out because up until now we had always hung them on an unbalanced, tip-over, fireplace screen.  (Santa has totally forgotten about the stockings before, so his concern was legit.)

He suggested putting a light on top of the post so St. Nick could find them the stockings in the dark.

Ta-da.  Solar Powered Post Cap.

solar powered post cap

(The 8 year old comes up with all the good ones.)

Solar powered light cap home depot

Last, I found some Frosty Flurries (faux snow) at Home Depot to add in the framed base.

faux snow decor

We’ll just wait and see how long the faux snow can go undisturbed.

(Boys.  I can’t have anything nice.)

christmas decor presents snow

And that’s a wrap!

DIY Holiday Stocking Post

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