DIY scrap wood lemonade stand

DIY Lemonade Stand

There is no such thing as a DIY fairy.

You can stare at a stack of wood in your backyard, wait a few seasons, and “wish” for a lemonade stand… but I promise, it ain’t gonna happen.

I found myself standing there staring, trying to telepathically build one through my sliding glass door.

Nope.  Nothing.

Finally, I did a forehead slap and visited to check out her free plans.  I found this one, which was just what I needed to get started.

Sometimes I just need to put my brain in a technical mood, with numbers and cut lists, which almost immediately spurs me into action to see if I’ve got the right lengths of wood out back.

If I don’t *sigh*, I have to modify the plans to utilize what I’ve got.  (It’s okay though, this is where I get the most satisfaction.)

1}  I started with these.  (Some 2×4 scraps and boards my mom rescued)

boards for a lemonade stand

Note:  I decided to put this lemonade stand on wheels, so I knew I’d need a pretty sturdy frame.

2.}  I joined the frame using my Kreg Jig.

kreg jig joints

3.}  I added 3 boards to the top, and used scrap crate pieces from wood pile in the background for the bottom part.

scrap wood lemonade stand

(I used Gorilla Glue and some rescued nails  to attach the boards.  It makes me feel secure.) 🙂

gorilla glue on wood

4.}  Next, boards on the front and sides.

build a lemonade stand

(I had to use a couple thin yard stakes to fill in some gaps in front.  Hey- life is a string of improvises and compromises… Like this next picture.  I’m gonna go ahead and act like I meant to leave the hose out, and that cute 6 year old is swinging because I planned it that way.)

side view of a lemonade stand build

5.}  Paint.

painting a lemonade stand

(I got a little stripe happy.)

painting stripes

6.}  Then, I sanded.

sand the painted finish

6.}  Somewhere in the middle of this, I added handles and locking casters (for mobility).

handles on wood

(I found these casters at Lowes for $19.00.  The only part of this stand that is not a reuse or recycle.)

casters added to a lemonade stand

7.}  Next, I drilled out for dowel placement on the top to hold both ends of the sign.  I wanted it to be removable.

dowel to hold sign

8.}  I then used water based clear coat everywhere.  Because lemonade gets sticky…

adding a clear to wood

top of lemonade stand


Lemonade Stand Feature Image

The sign on top is painted with chalkboard paint, because let’s face it, this is screaming multifunctional.  {Chalkboard paint recipe here.}

Overall dimensions without sign:  46 x 17″, 30″ tall (with wheels)


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