DIY Metal Snowflake Ornaments

DIY Metal Snowflake Ornaments

Yes.  More snowflakes.

These only take a few minutes though, plus there’s no sawdust involved.  All you need is a sheet of Union Jack Aluminum from The Home Depot.  It costs about $16.98 for a 24×36 inch sheet, but you can get a zillion snowflakes out of it.   You’ll also need some tin snips, but those can be found somewhere in your garage, or your neighbor’s garage… I would probably ask your neighbor before looking through their garage though.  Worst case scenario, you have to pick those up at Home Depot too, but they come in handy.

I basically didn’t know if this would work at the time I took the following two photos.  I just sort of visualized a snowflake in the pattern and started cutting.

diy snowflake ornaments

I started with a square shape.

christmas ornaments 2015

This is where I say:  “Be careful because, tin snips cutting metal.”  There can be left over burrs that will poke the living daylights out of you.  Just pay close attention and snip them off bluntly, and handle with care.  Even the tiniest of slivers will snag your skin, or fall into the carpet, just waiting for your kid to walk by in bare feet.  (I would suggest doing it in a low traffic area, with paper under your workspace, and maybe a hazmat suit for good measure.)  Just kidding, it’s not that scary.  It’s a super lightweight metal, and the edges that are cut with the snips won’t cut you, it’s just the burrs that can snag.

metal holiday decor

Next, I started snipping pieces like so:

holiday decor snowflakes 2015

…and then I grabbed some needle nosed pliers and bent/curled/folded pieces under.  (This also hides pointy edges.)

diy snowflake decor ornaments

And that’s basically it.  Even my “mess-up” shape on the right (below) ended up looking ok.

small snowflake decor

Also, I spray painted some in copper to layer and decorate my Wreath Trio Project.

copper christmas decor

And then I made this really long photo collage…

DIY Metal Snowflake Ornaments

Christmas Snowflake Ornaments

Thank you for reading!

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