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A Heart Is A Geometrical Shape

I looked it up.

Worried that I was going all girly girl on myself with all the heart shaped stuff I was building, I had to look into it.  Getting to the bottom of my new found interest in this shape was important.  I have a reputation, after all.  I’m a tom boy at heart.  (Forehead slap me now.)

Turns out, the heart shape is a geometrical one.  I hadn’t realized that.  (Whew.  I’m safe.)  That explained a lot.  Geometric symmetry is pleasing to my brain.

Something else that’s pleasing to my brain:

Using up some scraps.

small scrap wood shapes

This is my step by step on the easiest way to make something fun out of odd shaped scrap wood.  Even the tiniest pieces come in handy, and the thought of creating something from seemingly useless scrap is motivating to me.  (We all have our quirks, right?)

I’ll start by telling you I use Gorilla Glue for any type of art piece like this.   (And no, I’m not just saying that.  I’ve always used this stuff.)  I use wood that’s been reclaimed and salvaged in all my projects, and for temperamental material like that, Gorilla Glue is perfect.  It expands as it dries, and fills in the cracks and crevices of aged wood, and grabs hold.  And yes, it holds.  I don’t even need to reinforce with nails or screws.  If there’s “oozing”, I like to let it dry, then just pop off any excess with a putty knife.  If this sounds a little promotional, I apologize, but it’s the truth.  Gotta keep it real.

What I Use:

A piece of thin plywood to glue scrap pieces onto (I always have quarter inch leftovers laying around, but really, anything flat and thin would work.  See Scrap Wood Examples.)

Scraps of wood (scraps can be made intentionally for a project like this, especially for the non scrap-hoarder person.)

Gorilla Glue

Traceable heart shape and marker

Dremel Saw-Max

Sand paper

Painter’s caulk (white)

Getting Started:

First I traced a heart, then roughed up the surface of the plywood to prep it for glue (optional).

heart shape outline traceprep wood surface for glue

Next, I dusted off the plywood and wet the surface with a spray bottle.

wet the surface of wood for prep

Bring on the Gorilla Glue, but not too much. (this glue expands and too much will “ooze” out the edges.)  I avoid using too much by spreading the glue like so…

apply gorilla glue to woodspread thin layer of gorilla glue

The piece together part comes next.  (I have discovered that it’s a good idea to have the pieces already figured out and sitting off to the side.  Otherwise, I have a situation with glue drying to fast because I’m playing around with a pattern…)

Follow that up by weighing down pieces with heavy objects.  (This is extremely important, if you want any type of glue to bond two surfaces together.)

piece together wood scrap patternweigh down glued pieces to clamp

After the glue dried, I re-traced the heart shape and did some plunge cutting with my Dremel Saw-Max.

trace outline of heart on scrap wood plunge cut out wood heart dremel saw-max

Next, I sanded around the edges and smoothed any uneven spots.  Then I used some painter’s caulk to fill in the gaps.  (I use a wet rag or baby wipes to clean up excess caulk.)

painter's caulk to fill in gaps between wooduse painter's caulk to fill in gaps in wood

Fills in nicely…

close up scrap wood art

Last step was drilling a hole, and adding some twine.  Done.

It doesn’t have to be a heart shape…. but for now, it works!

DIY Scrap Wood Hearts

Any scrap will do… even add some hardware.

industrial scrap wood heart

DIY Scrap Wood Heart Pink

Red Geometric Scrap Wood Heart

And, because my boys dared me to build a Minecraft heart… I went a little pixelated.

wood pixel heart


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