diy storage wood crates stacking

DIY Stacking Storage Crates

Do you know what kind of project feels good after you have finished one that stretched and strained your creative boundaries?

An easy one.

A project that you know like the back of your hand.

One you can do blindfolded.

Good old-fashioned storage crates.

Going back to my Etsy crate-building roots felt familiar.

Sort of like the feeling I get when I pick up a random softball or baseball bat and I automatically want to tap each foot, square my hips, and set my grip in a seamless stream of motion.

I get swept up in the momentum of muscle memory.

For this pair of storage crates, I wanted to find wood that can be easily found at a hardware store.

What I came up with was this:

Three 1 inch thick boards, 45 inches long  (2 of them were 5.5 in wide, 1 was 4 in wide.)

** NOTE: The amount of lumber shown makes two crates, but for the love of Pete, I will only show the painting and building of one.  The are made identically to one another.

boards to build a crate

I used a calculator (it still hurts my head to talk math, even with a calculator) to figure out the length of cuts I needed to make.

I needed 4 sections from each board.

measurements for a wooden storage crate

(I’m just going to mention those pieces above make two crates.)

I started piecing it together…

building a diy wood crate

and then here’s the 4 in wide sides added  (nothing’s put together yet in these two photos, I was just checking to make sure measurements met up…)

measurements for a diy wood crate

(Just a reminder, there are two crates, but I’m only showing crate A…)

Some people like to paint after the put-together part, but I like to paint it while it’s flat.  After I made sure the crate would look like a crate, I laid the pieces flat and got out my overly-large stencils.

stenciling on wood

When I got to this part, I kind of started flying by the seat of my pants.  (Totally normal.  50/50 chance it will turn out ok.)

spray paint stenciling

When I stencil half-hazard like this, I use cans of spray paint that are are running on fumes- 0ut of gas.

(Because I am a non-waster of things, not time.  ApparentlyI’m ok wasting time.)

After I polished off the last drops from a couple cans, I let it dry and rolled white paint over it.  Wha.?

painting over stenciling

(Don’t ask.  I just wanted some wordage to show through after I got to the part where I distress the paint. Not really important what it spelled out…)

I wasn’t really worried about coverage because I was going to be taking a lot of the paint off.

But now that I look at the picture below, it looks like I covered it well anyway.  (Seat of my pants.)

painted wood crate diy

Then I did some scraping. Technique found here .

scrape distressing paint

Then when it dried, I did some sanding because I like to double my efforts and waste time.  Really though, I wasn’t impressed with the scraping results.

orbital sander


distressed wood crate

Next it was time to put it together.

I used old-school nails, so that meant drilling pilot holes to avoid splitting-of-the-wood syndrome.

(If I had used a finish nailer, putting the crate together would have been a lot faster. No pilot holes needed. But as I said, I like to waste time.)

drilling pilot holes wood crate

And glue.  Don’t forget the wood glue. (Gorilla Glue wood glue.)

using wood glue gorilla glue

Then I drove the nails in with a hammer.

nails in wood crate

Then I flipped it over, pre-drilled, and drove a couple nails on bottom.

nails wood crate

Done and done.  (Except I made crate B next, then I was done.) 

I would love to see how yours turn out!

storage crate how to build

If you’re still reading, here’s my version of the bonus footage after movie credits.

This little guy guards my woodpile.

He also eats the apples that fall from the tree and make a mess.

I’m trying to come up with a name, any suggestions?

deer in backyard


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