DIY Reindeer Ornaments Decor

DIY Wooden Reindeer Holiday Ornaments

I had a plan when I woke up this morning.

I’m so sorry, but I’m going to share it:

Get out of bed.  (that’s difficult)

Pour 3 bowls of mom fail. (sugar cereal)

Attempt to smooth and wet down bed-head on my youngest.  (at least I tried?..)

Send all three boys out the door to the bus. (thank you school bus driver)

Lay back down for 30 more minutes. (watch Curious George)

Then, in reality, one hour later, I would get up and work on the washing machine I took apart two weeks ago.  (strange sound, means I completely dismantle it)

Now after telling you this, I bet you’re wondering what the heck any of it has to do with little reindeer holiday ornaments.

It doesn’t really, other than the fact that I completely sabotaged my plan when I got to the part about the washer.  I get lots of creative ideas when there are things I NEED to do.  This time, I detoured to work on: reindeer ornaments.

I started with small chunks of scrap wood.

wood ornaments diy

I drilled a hole in each one, all the way through, and a tiny hole on top for the tiny eyebolt.  (Size of drill bit depends on thickness of wires and tiny eyebolts.)

making wood deer ornaments

make a deer ornament

I screwed in a tiny eyebolt in the top hole.  (To attach the fishing line later.)

diy holiday deer

For the antlers, I cut pieces of wire- three for each deer head.  (that sounds weird.)

wood deer ornaments

I spray painted them gold, because Pinterest seems to like gold stuff lately.

deer antlers

Side note: I could have found gold wire at a craft store and skipped the spray paint step, but I have a mountain of non-gold wire and I have gold spray paint.  (Getting in the car and driving to a craft store is hard sometimes.)

After the spray paint was dry, I fed the wires through the holes.

deer antler decor

Then I manipulated the wire to resemble antlers, and tied a loop of fishing line to the eyebolts.

DIY Deer Antler Reindeer Holiday Wood Ornaments

The end.

Tomorrow’s agenda:  Washing machine.

(That last sentence is just for show, lets be real.)

I’ll get it done soon though.  Promise.

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