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My goal with this door project was simple:  

Make it look old.

Note:  Since I have so many pictures of this project overall, I decided to make this post (part one) about the elements I added, and close up images of the completed door.  Part two (coming very soon) will be  about the painting/distressing techniques, along with images to help explain them.


With the front panel already added, I started to visualize what this door could look like.

Along with “old world style” requests were made for:

1.   antique/industrial elements

2.  little bit of french influence

3.  layers of metal and wood details

4.  carved detail

5.  mis-matched add ons

6.  gritty, grungy, dirty, and aging gray-ish paint.

Let’s take a look…

Starting at the top, this curved detail piece had broken off a little shelf I had in my garage.

(See?  I don’t keep broken things for no reason.  Ha ha!)

(My husband’s not laughing.)

(OK, I MAY have a bit of a situation out there…)

I attached it with Gorilla Glue, and nails.

top portion of old world style door

Barn wood scraps leftovers and giant furniture tack looking thingys.

(Found at my local Habitat ReStore.)

wood detail on door

I added three metal tiles to the front, three to the back, and cut a hole in the center one and added some screen.

Note:  These very authentic looking tiles were given to me by a friend a couple years ago.  They were found as shown, in an antique shop, with the diamond shape already cut out.  I did not alter them in any way.  (I  could not have even come close to making those metal tiles look that awesome.)

three metal tiles on a door

Keeping along with the idea of mis-matching hardware add ons, I found a hook lock, a knob with a random floral backplate, and a random wood detail piece.

hardware detail on an antique door

And, a random handle on a random piece of wood.

metal handle on an old door

Moving down the very tall door, I mounted an empty square frame, with a random square detail piece in the center.

square wooden detail

At the bottom, I mounted a wooden box lid.

wooden box lid added to old door

And, just because I like this close up…

metal rose knob

A full view…

antique old world style door

Some views from behind:

backside of antique door

Just in case someone needs a bottle opener…

metal hardware added to door 

antique door

Installed Picture 

door transformation Installed diy

See techniques used Layering and Texturing, Distressing here

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