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Year after year, my Christmas trimmings and fluff evolve depending on materials I’ve got on hand.  Why?

Half the reason is because it would kill me to just walk into a store, and purchase these items….(not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

The other half of the reason is because I’ve got wood and wood scraps piling up in my garage that need to move on.

What better way to move a growing scrap pile, than make some Christmas decor?

(Oh… what?  Just “get rid” of odd sized pieces of scrap?  And move on with your life?  Drink hot cocoa?  Go to Christmas parties? Sit by the fire?  Really?  People do that?)

First up:  “triangular tree ornament”

Easy Wood Ornaments

The pieces I used were just various scraps with 45 degree angles.  (For those of you who might have guessed… yes.  Right!  These are my scraps from the snowflakes I did.)

I also had some of these claw-like joiner pieces.  I have no idea where they came from, sometimes I just “find” stuff in my supply of stuff.  You can get them at any hardware store, or nail a small scrap of wood on the back.  It would accomplish the same thing.

Wood Ornaments Putting TogetherWood Ornaments Nailing Together

I joined the three pieces together, drilled a hole at the top, and threaded some wire through.

And there you have it.  One down, blah, blah, blah… (I have a lot of scrap out there.)

Next up:  “these snowflake ones….”

I took random square scraps, nailed on some random metal snowflakes, and drilled a hole for the wire.

Lined up all in a row…

Reclaimed Wood Ornaments DIY

And,Because Everybody Loves a Bonus…

Bonus:  “skinny branch tree”

I trimmed up some scraps to taper like a Christmas tree would, grabbed some nails, and one screw.

Basically, this:

  • 5 tapered branches
  • 1 piece of wood for the up and down center piece
  • 1 square scrap for the base
  • 10 small nails
  • 1 screw

Wood Ornaments assembly

I eyeballed the spacing of the branches and added some wood glue.  With my hammer, (yes, and old fashioned hammer) I nailed the branches on the center piece (2 nails per branch).

Wood Ornaments nailing togetherWood Ornaments finished

Moving right along, I drilled a pilot hole in the square base, and the bottom of the center piece.

Wood Ornaments with base

(Do not skip the pilot hole, or else: “cRaCk!”  “SpLiT!”)

Wood Ornaments drill hole

Last, but not least, I used the lone screw to attach the tiny tree to the square base.  (And if you feel like it, add a star on top.)

Wood Ornaments connect to base

Now, if you’re like me, you will go on to spend time you don’t have coming up with tiny ornaments or wire garland to decorate your tiny tree.  (Seriously, I’ve done this.  I’ve spent way too much time attaching tiny bells, buttons, etc. to thin wire, and……  see?  I’m getting sucked in again!  Tiny crafts do it every time!)  😉

Mini Reclaimed Wood Christmas Trees


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