diy wooden handcrafted handmade keychain

Easy DIY Wood Keychain

Sometimes I overthink things.

Sometimes, I feel like I need to force my brain into being creative.  That doesn’t work.

With me, ideas and creativity will get there, when they gets there.

The more I try to force my brain, the more it resists until I end up in a blank stare.

Such is the case with all this scrap:

scrap wood scraps diy keychain

I stared at it a lot.

I didn’t feel like cleaning it up and creating yet another scrap bin for these weirdo shapes, so I stared at it.

Nothing happened.

Finally, after several days of walking out to my shop, staring, and walking back inside, it came to me…

I happened to spot an old keychain in my office and it inspired me.  (In case you’re curious, it was one of those floaty keychains for boat keys.  Ya know, so the keys will float in the water should you happen to take them out of your boat’s ignition and toss them into the lake.)

This floaty keychain was weird shaped.  My wood scraps were weird shaped.  Perfect!

I wanted to do three wood keychains for this post, so I cut some shapes from a larger piece of wood.  (I made more scrap.)

miter saw cutting wood

I just messed around with the angle of the cuts on these. (seat of my pants.)

Then, I used my Dremel Multi-Max to sand the edges.

dremel multi-max sanding sand wood

Then, I drilled holes.

drill driver wood holes

Pause for this shot of my hand and all three pieces sanded / hole-drilled…

three wooden keychains diy

Next, I wiped them down with mineral spirits to clean off the dust.

mineral spirits on wood

After that, I was onto my clear coat of choice today:  Duplicolor automotive spray paint. (clear)

I purchased this at a local automotive parts store (ex: Autozone, Pep Boys, etc.)

It dries super fast, and gives a really high gloss.  It’s perfect for little things like keychains and trinkets.  (I just used that word… trinkets.)

duplicolor automotive auto paint spray paint top coat clear gloss

Then I took a picture of my  hand spraying it.

spray paint

And of course I took another picture, this time, of it drying.

drying clear coat spray paint

After about 20 minutes, I flipped them over and sprayed the other side.

The last step was to add a ring, or chain.

I like to reuse stuff, even when making little do0dads.  (Doodads.  My inner dialogue is killing me today.)


I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but those little ball chain loop thingys are all over the place.  If you haven’t noticed, don’t feel bad.  I didn’t realize it until I went searching for said ball chain thingys.

In the past I had saved several from tags on my kids new backpacks, coats, etc.. but couldn’t find where I stashed them. (Which is precisely the reason I had to search for more.)

And, there you have it.

So easy.  And, I didn’t have to think too much.  (That’s always nice.)

I guess the moral to my little project is:  When you need to pull an idea out of thin air, don’t break your neck to look up for it.  Instead, let it fall when it’s ready, and thud you in the head.

diy keychain wood wooden

{Is it lame to give someone a keychain?  What if I say I put a lot of love into each handcrafted piece?…}

diy wooden keychain handmade

Thanks for reading!  Find some of my other scrap wood ideas here.


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