Entry Table Makeover

Entry Table Makeover | Glidden Paint

If ever there was a table that needed some color, this is it.


Sitting in the same spot in my home for two years, it has largely gone unnoticed.

Time for a paint job.

Glidden Paint Cans

Glidden® paint has a simplified palette that helped me avoid the decision fatigue I usually experience when

deciding on a paint color.

Their selection isn’t overwhelming, and when I found Glidden paint’s  Swiss Coffee and Sugared Lime, I found the exact version of green and white that I had envisioned for this table.

1.  Jumping In

glidden paint swiss coffee

I noticed the amazing coverage and hide right away.

The paint was thick, but leveled itself nicely.

green paint on white

(I did two coats of Glidden paint:  “Swiss Coffee” and “Sugared Lime”.)

painted entry table

2. Tape It Up

After about 30 minutes, the paint was dry.

I wanted a pattern on top, so I used painter’s tape to lay out my lines.

painters tape

3.  Painting Over Tape

Next, I painted over the tape-covered top, removing tape immediately after the paint was applied.

painting over tape

4.  Distress

When the last coat was dry, (30 min.) I took a scraper to the finish to give it a vintage feel.

scraping paint

5.  To someone like me, a paint’s “true colors” come through when the distressing starts.

What I mean is: To an artistic painter, how well it comes off, is as important as how well it goes on…

paint distressing

…and as I can easily say:

Glidden paint blew me away.

I didn’t expect it to look so authentic when I took the scraper to it.

Although it was very obvious that Glidden paint is highly durable, I was very happy to see the way it chipped, as I worked to add years to the paint’s appearance.

painted table top

So there you have it.

I’m extremely happy!

Not only did I manage to add a new element of color to a room with this table, but I found out how easy Glidden paint is to work with.

In my book, that’s called a “great day”.

painted table diy

paint colors green and white

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Glidden paint through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select.  While I was compensated to write a post about Glidden paint, all opinions are my own.


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