Reclaimed Art

Reclaiming Experience | Part One

I love reclaimed wood.

I love it because it has a past.

And hey- don’t we all?

reclaiming barn wood pile

It’s not the satisfaction of slapping a “reclaimed” sticker on something that drives me.

It’s not always the knowledge of doing something green either.

The reason I can’t keep sawdust out of my hair, or rusty nails

off my mind is best described as a moment.

Let me tell you what it’s like…

Regardless of where you are, or what you’re doing,

that moment catches you, and your eyes grace the grain, 

or spot the chipping paint.

That is the moment you lose sense of time.

That is the moment you reclaim.

Reclaiming old framing

The energy that comes with such a moment

will carry 50 old boards up a field to  your truck.

This energy grows and lends itself to your spouse, friends, and even your mom.

They start watching for opportunities, with you.

(Opportunities to reclaim.)

They know how those slivers feel.

This reclaiming energy will sustain you through the de-nailing, cleaning and cutting,

and this energy will carry your family through the storage and mess.


Reclaiming Sanding Wood

Every day during this process, your ideas keep evolving.

So you decide to table it, (this potential project)

and go along with other things.

But each time you glance in the old wood’s direction, 

questions start to form in the back of your mind.

How many life stories did it absorb?

What did it witness?

If these boards were once a grand front porch,

how many hellos were made across it?…

How many goodbyes?

Maybe I’m being dramatic.

Maybe I’m not.

But there’s no mistaking that feeling when a fuzzy idea comes into focus

and you know what your reclaimed wood should be.

Suddenly, energy is renewed, spiders in wood piles don’t exist,

and in your head, your project is already begun.

reclaiming geometric barn wood

Beginning the next leg of your journey…..

…trying to make your hands produce what’s in your head.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Piece

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