faux brick wall art

Faux Brick Wall Art

This project idea kind of came out of left field, but I’ll take it.  I’ve come to realize that I can’t get too choosy with new ideas, because I never know when the creative side of my brain will hit a brick wall.  (Ha-ha.. hey dad, that one’s for you!)

Now, on with the show!…

I’ve always wanted a brick accent wall of the red variety, on the inside of my house.

After researching thin brick and seeing the price tag…  uh, no.  Not right now, anyway.

This meant I had to scratch that idea.

That being said, of course I could NOT scratch that idea, so I compromised.  Faux brick would be the ticket.

I really wanted realistic brick pattern/texture.  I wanted to walk up and touch it, and have it feel like brick.  I did not want brick paneling, because that would have been easier.  No sir re.  If  I went with paneling, I might as well have just used wall paper…  I’m digressing here.

I decided on using scrap 2×3’s and 1×3’s for depth.  I didn’t do the whole wall.  I settled for an art piece, because a compromise doesn’t have to be forever.  I’ll keep my plot for real brick tucked away for now.

To start off, I cut up varying lengths and used some wire cutters to cut out chips along the edges.  (A tool for every occasion.)

It makes a mess.

distressed brick faux

I glued and clamped these in a brick pattern, to a 1/8″ plywood sheet, using random things as spacers.

spacing out brick faux diy

Painting and finishing technique for the “bricks”.

Then, I filled in the gaps with lightweight paper or cardboard.  (I wanted to eliminate as much weight as I could.)

fake brick wall diy

Next, I used caulk and then some gritty plaster of paris.

faux brick wall diy

Next, on to the frame.

I used the K5 that Kreg Jig sent me to make the joints for the box frame.  (1×4″ boards)

kreg jig art frame

It’s amazing how fast things can be done with Kreg Jig.  All of my art frames are done this way.

kreg jig settings k5

I used a square as a guide, because it’s nice and square.

kreg jig k5 how to

To double check my measurements, I did a dry run with the wood brick piece inside the frame.

art frame with kreg jig joints

Next, I painted the frame and added a 1 x 1.5″ strip around the inside front edge to create a shadow box effect.

art frame

After I painted the frame, I mounted the piece(s) to studs on my wall.  (I made the brick in two sections, for easier handling.)

wall art mounting

Next, I totally highjacked my husband’s idea for the lights…

starry night lights

Yup.  Painter’s tape.

lighted sign

(In the middle of all this, I painted some signage on the brick.)

The shadow box frame fit perfectly right over the top.

fake brick wall Art

And there you have it.

I mean, actually, I have it.

On my wall that will one day be real brick.

A girl’s gotta hold onto a dream, right?  This art piece should tide me over for now.

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Thanks for reading!


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