DIY Faux Butcher Block

Faux DIY Butcher Block

How to Create a Faux DIY Butcher Block:

In my shop, there is a lot of crap scrap going on.  

Once in a while I feel it staring at me, and that’s when I know it’s time to clean house and use it up. I’ve always liked the look of butcher block as an accent in the kitchen, and I recently had the urge to recreate it.  

Since I’m not a chef in real life and there is no chance of being mistaken as a chef with a ten foot pole, I knew I would NOT be using this for food prep.  That meant 2×4’s would work fine for me.  (Treated lumber = not food grade.  Meaning yes, it is just an “accent” that cannot actually function as a butcher block anything.  But at least it looks cool, no?)

wood scrap 2x4's build how to diy butcher block

First off, I cut some to be the same length and then glued and clamped them together.

wood glue 2x4's butcher block diy scrap

I wiped off the excess glue, and let it sit clamped overnight.

clamping 2x4's wood glue diy butcher block

The next day, I used a belt sander to sand the surface and edges smooth.  (That part, not fun.)

I also added handles because I have a lot of random handles.

hardware diy butcherblock

And for the love of things that roll, I added 4 small casters to the bottom. Those might drive me nuts later… if so, I’ll take them off.

small casters diy butcher block scrap wood 2x4's

The last step was sealing the wood with a couple coats of wax, and then I had myself a cool faux DIY butcher block.

(The word TOP was already on the lumber, I just chose not to sand it off.)

DIY butcher block from 2x4's


Part Two…. Suprise!  There’s more. The first faux butcher block was so easy, I decided to play around some more.

I took some 2×3′s this time, and ran each strip through my table saw twice, to cut off both of the rounded edges.   (That saved me from using the belt sander later.)


Then, I glued – clamped them together like so:

clamping wood

The next day, I cut this chunk of wood with my miter saw.

blocks wood diy

I flipped the sections so the end grain faced up…

end grain diy butcher block

diy wood scraps

Then, I glued and clamped again (both ways.)

wood glue and clamp diy


I then sanded the edges and……

Ta-Da! (It sets the stage for the salt and pepper.)

DIY kitchen accent decor

Really fast and easy, this was a great way to add a natural element in my kitchen.  

..Only that’s not my kitchen.  It’s my mother in law’s.  

My kitchen is a construction zone.  More on that later.

Thanks for reading!


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