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So, I have this friend. (Let’s call her Sally)

She has a fireplace.

Sally wanted her fireplace updated, but wasn’t sure on the “what” or “how” of it all.  I don’t recall how I ended up at her house with my tools and paint, but I do remember eating a lot of Ritz crackers while I was working on this.

Fireplace Before Picture

I started out by moving things out-of-the-way, and plugging in my orbital sander.  Then, I stood by the patio door and ate about 2 and a half crackers…

(Just kidding!  I won’t tell you every little thing).

Wood Fireplace Redo Start of Painting

After prepping with sander, steel wool, and liquid sandpaper, I primed and painted a corner section to see if Sally approved… (at this point, I was really hoping she liked it, because I really hadn’t thought of a back up plan).

Wood Fireplace Redo Painting

“Whew”, she liked it.

(See, there’s the Ritz crackers by my foot.  That’s the 2nd package already.)

My camera was giving me a hard time throughout this project, and I feel that excuses this totally blurry photo I took after priming the rest of the fireplace.

(I used Coverstain primer, because it bonds and hides well.)

Wood Fireplace Redo Prime

Next, I painted and even used this tiny paintbrush to do the detail.

(I used Floetrol in this case, because I wanted to minimize brush lines that a tiny, overworked, paintbrush might leave behind.  I love that little paint brush.)

Wood Fireplace Redo Paint

After two coats and two days, I sanded then glazed it with stain.  (Is that even an official technique?  Hmm…..let’s call it “glain”.  I glained it.)

The paint was semi-gloss, so it really didn’t change the color a lot, it just settled into the corners nicely to give it definition.

Wood Fireplace Redo staining

Apply Stain Wood Fireplace

The last step was to use some Minwax Finishing Wax.

It evened out the sheen and picked up any stain blotchiness that might have been left in the wrong places.

Wood Fireplace Redo Waxing


(Good thing, because I was out of Ritz.)

Wood Fireplace Redo After Picture

I packed up my stuff and walked home (just a few houses down).  Sally and family are enjoying their fireplace, and I enjoy the cookie delivery I get now and then.

Seriously.  If you know a person that makes the best cookies in the world… paint their fireplace– wait.  I better end this now and write my article on these cookies I speak of, later.

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