How To Use Epoxy

I love imperfections in wood grain as much as the next person, but enough about what I like.  Let’s talk about crumbs.

Crumbs, fuzzies, dust, dead gnat… it doesn’t matter.  Things of this nature find their way into the crevices of a wood surface and when I spot it, I spend a good 2 hours of my evening targeting anything in sight with a toothpick.  Those are 2 hours I can’t get back.

In the past I’ve used wood filler, but it ends up looking exactly like wood filler.  Pass me the toothpick.

Eventually, I got a little bit smarter and began to fill these cracks and gaps with Gorilla Epoxy.  I get to keep the perfect look of the wood’s imperfections, and be crumb-free.

This video above explains how.

How To Use Gorilla Epoxy


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