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Indoor Wood Planter | One Board Challenge

one board challenge

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Consider yourself warned, this was not my finest hour.

The whole process was backwards and messy.  I was in an alternate universe or something, trying to reinvent the wheel.  It was downright wrong.

This One Board Challenge had my number, and like a fool, I didn’t screen my calls.

Flashback to earlier this week…

When someone brings up a One Board Challenge , you’d  jump at the opportunity, right?

Well, I did.  I think I clapped out loud and said to myself:  “I’ve got this”.

I thought it would be easy because, one board.

Besides, I have done stuff, you know-  stuff involving only one single board.  How hard could it be?

Well let me tell you that one, measly, 1 x 1 x 8′ board got the best of me.  It put me through the ringer.  It chewed me up, spit me out, and stole my lunch money too.  Plus, I cried more than once.  For 2.5 days my inner dialogue was a constant mental whine to my dad, begging him to give me a clue from the other side.  I needed him to help me figure out the complicated design I had settled on for this challenge.  (It involved a lot of compound miter cuts, cringe.)

Needless to say, the end result is actually a fraction of an 8′ board, because the rest of it ended up like this:

piles of scrap

And this:

scrap wood pile

Yep, that’s what came of most of my project board as well as two 8′ practice ones.  And yep, that’s what a compound miter cut can do to a person.  Especially one who goes into the compound miter world all willy nilly, confident and stuff.

Now let me take you back to the beginning, when I had my 8′ poplar board in one piece.

poplar lumber

It actually looks like three skinny strips joined to make an 8′ wide board.  Hmm anyway, there’s my feet.

Moving on, after I cut two 8′ practice boards to unusable pieces, I decided to do the same to my project board… that I paid $25 for.

When I started making these cuts, I thought I could figure it out as I went.  Even AFTER I cut up two practice boards with no success, I still had hope.  Stupid hope.  I’m too embarrassed to type my idea out loud, but it was going to be a geometric thingy.  Foolish me.

cutting wood

I took lots of pictures- of what, I’m not sure.  I kept thinking my ever-morphing design would settle down in one place, but true to form my overthinking made it impossible and I just kept cutting, and trying to assemble it into something.

compound miter saw cuts

I decided to stop after I had only 2.5 feet of board left.  (So smart of me to wait until it was almost GONE.  So smart.)

It was at this precise moment that I decided to admit defeat and build a planter.

I ripped the remaining section at a beveled angle.

bevel angle

To secure the seam on the inside, I glued the thin scrap that was leftover from the bevel cut.

thin wood planter box

Next, I used two scraps for the planter’s ends.

diy wood planter

I used my edge sander to take off some extra overhang.

rigid sander spindle sander

I also evened things up this way:

corner kat sander

wooden planter diy

I drilled some small holes along the bottom for drainage, and then got worried.  I’m not a plant person.

I was nervous about finding anything tiny enough to fit in this tiny planter.   Luckily, I came across these tiny cacti.

planter cacti

And that my friends, is how this planter came to be.  It’s not at all what I set out to make in the beginning.  It’s far less cool than my original plan, and nowhere near 8 foot of anything in this 8 foot board challenge.  One day, I will know what the point of all this was but for now, I’m still kind of bummed out.  I want my 2.5 days of wasted “try hard” back.

Oh well, it could be worse.  The little cacti have a home now, so there’s that.

Indoor Planter Box DIY


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