Podium turned kitchen station.

Kitchen Station | Refinished Podium

I’ve daydreamed about a podium.

Don’t laugh, but over the years I have written rough drafts in my head.

My imagination has been the stage where I deliver fine oratory masterpieces, always from a podium.

You can pound your fist on it to emphasize a point.

You can rest your forearms forward and grab the edges while leaning in, to get serious.

You can look down to collect your thoughts, and people think you’re reading your notes.

I think we all need to have a speech ready in our minds, just in case we come across a podium.

I found one!

refinish a podium

Yes, it was a good day when I came across this podium.

Yet another example of what can happen when you visit a local Habitat ReStore.

I found this, and I think I squealed softly.

I know I panicked for a moment, when the thought of someone taking it from me crossed my mind.

But imagine my elation, as I went to climb on top of it, and it rolled.

It was on wheels!!!

(Sometimes if I see something I want really bad, I have the urge to climb on top of it.  I can’t explain it.)

So, when it moved, I just kept pushing it, all the way to the register, then out the door, and to my car.

It began.

First, I cleaned it.

(I think it was a restaurant hostess station.  I won’t say why I believe it came from a restaurant, because this isn’t a scary blog.)

Then I took it apart.  (I just took off the doors, and took out the drawer.)

Then I removed hardware.

Then I filled some holes with wood filler.

Then I removed dust and got ready to spray paint it with this:

duplicolor auto paint

(I’m really fond of the fine, super smooth finish I get from this auto paint.  And for the sake of total transparency, I was NOT compensated to say this about Duplicolor automotive paint.)

I used two cans of each: primer, color, and clear coat.

FYI: I bought the paint for about $7.00 a can, but in my opinion, worth it.  (Depending on the project, of course.)

The primer has a way of “filling” pores and imperfections, and all around it’s like airbrushing from a can.


Primer spray paint


duplicolor spray paint

Clear coat…

apply clear coat

I used regular paint on the inside…

priming interior

I painted a linen weave after I primed with the roller….

linen weave texture

(This was a case of making brush strokes work in my favor, and appear intentional.  I felt like texture on the inside parts of this podium would work, but really I was just lazy.)

Moving on, I cut some from a sheet of metal with tin snips.

I found this sheet at Lowe’s, in the air duct section.

I should mention that I hate cutting sheet metal with tin snips, all sorts of nightmares can come from a bad “tin snips on sheet metal” experience.

cutting metal with tin snips

Then I used super sticky double sided tape.

double sided tape


sheet metal

But I ran out and had to do some strategic measuring/cutting on the other side…

sheet metal pieces

Next, I used some strips of scrap wood and more double sided tape…

wood strips on metal

Then, I caulked the corners…

caulking metal

Refinished;  And then I laid down.

The best part, It can hold cook books, be wheeled around the kitchen, and used to get a point across…

Time for that speech.

(I recommend starting with the fist pound, to get their attention.)

Here’s a shot of the other side…  Thanks for reading!

refinished podium

(Disclosure:  THIS IS NOT MY KITCHEN.  It’s Anna’s.  She’s a good friend, and those roses just happen to be there from Mother’s Day.  Thanks Anna!)


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