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Kitchen Window Makeover

Baby steps.

At least, that’s the way I’ve got to look at it when it comes to my home remodel.

I am going after one space at a time, because in case it isn’t obvious, I’m NOT a professional.

My knowledge and experience is based on necessity.  For example, the HVAC system in my house still runs fine, so I do not know much about HVAC systems. (Meaning when it stops running or a problem arises, then I will be learning all about HVAC systems.)  But I did learn quite a bit about erosion control when we first moved in though, thanks to a small stream we have running through our yard… so there’s that.

One of my philosophies in life is to NOT do things at break-neck speed, so I will not be doing a full home reveal in a week.  I’ll be taking an area by area, room by room approach at NON-break-your-neck speed.

(I plan on posting before pics and a video of my entire home soon for those two curious people out there.)

Having said all that, I’m going to move on to this window area.

Here’s a photo of the overall space, BEFORE I began working on it.

It is the window over my kitchen sink.

(If you are wondering about that rocky thing outside in our back yard, there used to be a big water feature, but that’s another story.)

kitchen window makeover update

kitchen sink area before and after remodel makeover

I didn’t tear anything down or rip anything out.  The changes aren’t earth shattering, but that’s ok.  I can still sleep at night.

Here’s the summary pic of what I did for those who don’t want to read my commentary:

plan for kitchen window

If you’re still with me, here’s a closer look at some of the things I changed:

tile in window sill remodel

(* I’ve got nothing to say about this ^    except, respect the 80’s.)

I’ll go ahead and point out that this is a picture window.

Meaning, it doesn’t open.

Just putting that out there.

I decided to replace the window tile with more salvaged wood to match my nook area desk.

I finished the wood exactly like I did the desktop.

sander sanding orbital window makeover diy kitchen remodel

Here’s a close up of the “after”:

wood window sill remodel

This next photo shows what was going on above the window:

window before remodel kitchen

(Shudder.. electrical.)

This was yet another nightmare opportunity  to face my fear of all things electrical.  Don’t worry, I made it out alive.

I dissected an old light fixture, and used it’s parts to build my own version of a chandelier/pendant light.

diy chandelier light fixture pendant

(I was going for a sophisticated/industrial look.)

Here’s a super close up nighttime shot:

industrial lighting light fixture chandelier pendant

Next, was the area above the light.

I wanted to keep that space for a chalkboard.

I know… sigh, “another kitchen chalkboard”, but I’ve always wanted a chalkboard in my kitchen that nobody else could reach.

This is how that went down:

kitchen chalkboard sign diy

Break down of the ^^above^^ collage:

1) piece of thin plywood like in my Chalkboard Tags Tutorial.

2) some leftover DIY chalkboard paint (Chalkboard Paint Recipe)

3) spreading on DIY chalkboard paint

4) adding a thin frame to the chalkboard

5) using my new life-changing nailer to mount chalkboard

And there you go.  A chalkboard I can reach when I drag a stool over to it.

chalkboard my altered state diy

Oh, and here is a photo of my hand writing out a chemical formula on my new chalkboard.

(See!? Handy!)

kitchen chalkboard sign diy

The last thing to do was add a pair of sconces to each side of the window.

This window didn’t have any trim around it and there isn’t much space for some, so I felt like waiting until I do the countertops to address that. (Since I’m thinking I’ll do a backsplash that continues up around the window.)

Here is the tutorial on the wall sconces.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

kitchen window remodel update makeover

P.S.  I learned that it’s very difficult for me to take a picture of a kitchen window.  Sorry about the blur.


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