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Modified Light Fixture

I wanted a certain look for the lighting above my kitchen sink, and  I was imagining light fixtures that I couldn’t find in stores.

Okay, truthfully, I didn’t look very hard, because my light fixture budget is running low…  (Bwa ha ha! Just kidding!  I’ve never had a budget for light fixtures!!!  What is that!?)

Anyway, in my world, cool light fixtures cost a lot so I did what I do sometimes…

I modified something from my local ReStore.  (This fixture set me back 10 dollars.)

lightfixture diy upcycle rework reuse recycle lighting light fixture

First, I took it apart to see what I had to work with.  (I intentionally looked for a semi-flush mount like this, because the intended space to hang it was too low to go all-out-pendant this time.  I could have modified a pendant to make it shorter, but I found this one first.)

light fixture parts diy

I set aside parts I didn’t want to use, like the glass thing and the silver hoop thing.

Since I was wanting to create a part-industrial / part-fancy feeling with this fixture, I first decided on an industrial element.

Rabbit wire is industrial-like, right?

I cut some pieces to play around with.

wire snips

And then rolled some, overlapping it, and I secured the wire with tiny pliers like this:

rabbit wire

For the more sophisticated element, I got out some crystals I had salvaged off from an old chandelier. (Yard sale find.)

chandelier pieces crystals lighting light fixture

From there I played around with it, trying to decide…


After way too much time spent messing around with it, I decided to hang the crystals on the wire, and then add a second layer of wire to cage it in.

hanging light

Here’s a view from directly below the light:

light fixture semi flush diy

So there you have it.  That’s the story about my modified light fixture.  I realize rabbit wire and chandelier crystals are pretty random things to have on hand, but they aren’t hard to find, and hopefully my story helps someone, somewhere out there…

chandelier modification


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