Fox Hill Reclaimed Wood Project

Old Wooden Chair | Upcycled Sign

Just An Old Wooden Chair

Letting go doesn’t always mean   l e t t i n g   g o .

Sometimes, it means seeing something in a new light, or embracing change.

Sometimes… letting go is simply accepting the evolution of our stories…


Vintage Chair becomes a sign

There are old wooden chairs out there,

beyond repair.

Chairs that bear histories, but can no longer

bear the weight of a weary traveler.

For those who find these chairs, love them, and

take them on journeys across the country,

they are more than just a place to sit.

They are a physical representation of memories.

They are a visual validation of moments.

But realistically, we can’t keep everything, right?

Besides, it’s just “stuff” we can’t take with us

when we go… right?

But, sometimes, wouldn’t it be nice to keep an old

chair… for just a little while longer?

People grow and evolve, life stories go on and

weave into the future…

Why not let some things stay on for the ride?

People change and become “more”.

Old chairs can too.

Fox Hill sign

This sign and the bench, came from the same set.

Upcycled Sign

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