Pottery Barn Inspired Circular Wood Shelf

Pottery Barn Inspired Planked Wood Shelf

Of all the shapes that exist out there, the circle is my least favorite.

I think it’s because circles don’t fit together, there always seems to be wasted space around them, and it’s impossible to freehand one, perfectly.  Not to mention, round things don’t stack and they roll when you don’t want them to.

So, imagine my excitement when my husband voted to knock off this Pottery Barn Circular Planked Wood Shelf.  (He always gets a vote around here, cause I’m fair like that.)  I decided to go with it, because it would challenge my square shaped brain.

I used a 34 x 34 inch piece of 1/8″ plywood for the backing and 3 random slabs of 1″ thick wood for the shelves.  I thought I was going to rebel and make this project square during a moment of weakness, so that’s why you see 2 skinny boards in the photo below.  (They were going to be the box frame.)  And my orange shoe.  It’s there too.

diy wood shelving

When I came to my senses, I decided to use one of my wooden yard sticks to draw a perfect circle on the backing.  That would help me with the scrap wood placement.

how to draw a circle

To help even further, I used a square to make a few marks and then drew lines across.

draw lines in a circle

Next, I moved on to cutting the semi-circle shelves.  (Semi-circles are only half as bad as circles.)

Hi dad.


I made these 9″ deep at the most, and used my RYOBI Cordless Orbital Jigsaw.

ryobi cordless jigsaw

I was pleasantly pleased at how easily it cut through this hard wood.

using a ryobi jigsaw

I used an edge sander to round and smooth the edges, but a palm or orbital sander works too.

ridgid spindle edge sander

When I had the three shelves ready, I lined them up with the lines I had drawn on the backing piece.  I didn’t secure them yet, but they worked as a guide to lay out the scrap pieces.

build a wood wall shelf

Using some scraps from my endless supply of scraps, I glued and clamped these pieces onto the backing.

glue and clamp scrap pieces

I used heavy objects to glue and clamp down the middle area scraps.  (Again, I hadn’t secured the shelves yet.)

diy wooden shelf

After the glue was dry, I realized I my fun with all those square/rectangle pieces was over.  It was time to cut out the circle.

I used the same yard stick and pencil trick to trace, and used my awesome jigsaw again.

tracing a circle on wood

I smoothed all the way around the edge with a sander, and added three strips of wood to the back where the shelves were going for structural integrity.

building a diy wood shelf

I attached the shelves next, using long screws and dowels.

To frame up this circular wonder, I ended up going with a strip of PVC lattice.  (Cause it’s “bendy” 😉 )

ryobi finish nailer

The last part was to caulk the gaps around the frame.

sealing up a circle shelf

I forgot to take a photo of the hardware I added on the back to hang it.

It’s just regular picture hanging hardware.  Nothing fancy.

And that’s it.  A circular shelf.

pottery barn knock off circular wood shelf

Oh. Actually, a “Pottery Barn” Inspired circular shelf.  Fancy.

pottery barn inspired knock-off wood shelf

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