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  • Holiday Wreath Trio
    Christmas Wreath Trio
  • BYU Pauline Henderson
    About Me Video | Pauline Henderson
  • DIY Old Word Door
    Door Transformation | Home Decor
  • Fox Hill Reclaimed Wood Project
    Old Wooden Chair | Upcycled Sign
  • kitchen window diy makeover remodel lighting
    Kitchen Window Makeover
  • home depot do it yourself diy holiday stocking post decor christmas
    Do-It-Yourself Holiday Stocking Post Workshop
  • Modify light fixture chandelier crystals lighting diy
    Modified Light Fixture
  • My Altered State DIY Dutch Door
    DIY Dutch Door
  • decorative wall sconce lavender upcycle wood wall decor
    Decorative Wall Sconce
  • Holiday Mantel Decor Ornament Art
    Holiday Mantel Ornament Art
  • DIY Reclaimed Wood Heart
    DIY Scrap Wood | Valentine Hearts
  • applying glaze over paint
    Refinished Table | Painted Base
  • Star
    Reclaimed Wood Star | Winter Decor
  • DIY Wood Snowflakes 3D
    3D DIY Wood Snowflake
  • Easy DIY Spray Painted Dresser
    Spray Painted Dresser
  • White Fireplace Remodel
    Fireplace Wall Remodel
  • Wood Fireplace Redo
    Refinished | Fireplace Tutorial
  • How To Blend Stain To Achieve A Natural Look
    Mid Century Coffee Table Refinish
  • Reclaimed Wood Snowflake Ornaments
    Wood Christmas Ornaments | DIY
  • Swiss Inspired Table
    Swiss Inspired Sawhorse Table
  • Blogland Tour My Altered State
    Blogland Tour Continues
  • DIY Desktop File Drawers
    Desktop File Drawers + RYOBI Giveaway
  • DIY Spray Paint Organizer RYOBI Contest
    DIY Spray Paint Organizer
  • indoor cactus planter box
    Indoor Wood Planter | One Board Challenge
  • using glaze for patina
    Glaze | Stain | Antiquing Technique
  • geometric wood art
    DIY Geometric Wood Art
  • DIY Trellis Column
    DIY Trellis Column + RYOBI Giveaway
  • Dad Bradford Timen Walters
    In Medias Res II
  • Scrap Wood Ornaments
    DIY Tree Ornaments | RYOBI Giveaway
  • Modern Wood Wall Art
    DIY Modern Wall Art
  • Refinishing Weathered Furniture
    Weathered Bench | Restored
  • Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree With Dog
    Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree
  • DIY Reclaimed Wood Snowflake
    Reclaimed Wood Snowflake | Winter Decor
  • DIY salvaged wood desktop
    Salvaged Wood Desktop
  • DIY Ombre effect
    Refinished Ombré Barstool
  • Letting Treasures Go Antique Hutch
    Antique Hutch | Holding On To Things vs. Letting Things Go
  • Neutral Holiday Tablescape
    Neutral Holiday Tablescape
  • DIY Dremel Project | Geometric Serving Tray
  • checkerboard game table
    DIY Game Table | Minwax
  • DIY Haunting Party Ideas
    Six DIY Projects For A Haunting Halloween
  • Ideas for refinishing furniture
    Refinished Furniture | Before And After
  • Decoupage Youtube Video
    Decoupage Tutorial | Time Lapse Video
  • Entry Table Makeover
    Entry Table Makeover | Glidden Paint
  • Crates And Pallet Wall Storage and Organization
    Wall Storage And Organization
  • crown moulding wood art
    Wall Art | Home Decor
  • wooden snowflake tutorial my altered state
    DIY Geometric Wooden Snowflake
  • Refinished High Gloss Coffee Table
    Refinished High Gloss Coffee Table
  • magnetic wristband DIY
    DIY Magnetic Wristband
  • Scrap Wood Shelf DIY
    DIY Scrap Wood Shelf
  • how to layer stains
    Layering Stain Technique
  • Reclaimed Wood
    Reclaimed | Experience | Part Two
  • Adding Color To A Sign For A Friend
    Signs | Friends | Things We Learn
  • DIY Wood Christmas Tree
    DIY Lighted Holiday Tree
  • chalk paint layering
    Paint Technique | Texture And Layering
  • DIY Wood Serving Tray
    Serving Tray Tutorial
  • DIY Faux Butcher Block
    Faux DIY Butcher Block
  • Reclaimed Art
    Reclaiming Experience | Part One
  • DIY Decoupage Map Chairs
    Decoupage Furniture Tutorial | Wood Desk
  • scrap wood
    Scrap Wood Art Ideas | Home Decor
  • Kitchen Nook Remodel
    Kitchen Nook Remodel
  • DIY wooden snowflake plans
    How To Make A Wooden Snowflake | With Video
  • Painting and Distressing Metal Hardware
    Distressing Hardware | Technique
  • barn wood table trough
    DIY Barnwood Table Trough
  • DIY Metal Snowflake Ornaments
    DIY Metal Snowflake Ornaments
  • DIY Stepping Stool
    DIY Geometric Step Stool
  • Scott and Timen
    Perfect Timen
  • MyFixitUpLife Radio Show My Altered State
    MyFixitUpLife Podcast; Junk Gypsy | My Altered State
  • faux brick wall art
    Faux Brick Wall Art
  • DIY Wood Floral Display
    DIY Floral Display
  • DIY Dog Steps
    DIY Dog Steps + RYOBI Giveaway
  • Faux Brick Wall Art Piece
    How To Paint Wood To Look Like Brick
  • Industrial Mirrors
    Salvage Style | Upcyled Mirrors
  • Vintage Slides My Altered State
    Vintage Slides | Memories
  • DIY scrap metal necklace tutorial
    Make Your Own | Scrap Metal | Necklace
  • DIY Holiday Stocking Post
    DIY Holiday Stocking Post
  • diy wooden handcrafted handmade keychain
    Easy DIY Wood Keychain
  • Before And After Farmhouse Table
    Old Picnic Table Turned Farmhouse Table
  • DIY Reclaimed Wood Art
    Wood Art Video Tutorial
  • 7 Steps To DIY Chalkboard Tags
    Chalkboard Tags Tutorial | Seven Steps
  • How To Use Gorilla Epoxy
    How To Use Epoxy
  • Chalk Paint Recipe
    Chalkboard Paint Recipe | With Floetrol
  • Scrap Wood Christmas Tree Junkers United
    Junkers Unite | Scrap Wood Holiday Tree
  • diy storage wood crates stacking
    DIY Stacking Storage Crates
  • outdoor table before
    Furniture Refinishing Tutorials | Wood Table
  • Pottery Barn Inspired Circular Wood Shelf
    Pottery Barn Inspired Planked Wood Shelf
  • Using Stain To Create An Aged Finish
    Using Stain To Create An Aged Finish
  • Podium turned kitchen station.
    Kitchen Station | Refinished Podium
  • DIY scrap wood lemonade stand
    DIY Lemonade Stand
  • sclc lung cancer diy
    In Medias Res
  • swiss wood art home decor
    Swiss Inspired Wood Art
  • DIY Reindeer Ornaments Decor
    DIY Wooden Reindeer Holiday Ornaments
  • DIY Wood Sports Logo Decor
    DIY Sports Decor + RYOBI Giveaway
  • Upcycling
    Upcycling | Perspective | History
  • Dresser Before and After
    Refinished French Provincial | High Gloss Furniture
  • Painting Techniques Distressing
    Distressing Technique | Paint Finish