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Scrap Wood

I have a problem.

I can’t throw a single scrap of wood away.  (Okay…. maybe it’s more like an illness.)

With an issue like hoarding scrap, the pieces in a bin can get smaller and smaller each go around.

This is the case with me.  Tons of scrap pieces that get tinier and tinier.

Are you wondering how my husband tolerates it?…  Hey.  You and me both.

It may be his ability to compartmentalized certain areas in the house, and mentally quarantine them as my “zone”.

Or perhaps it’s my smiling face or sunny laughter that blinds him from the heaps of scrap wood that have migrated indoors for the winter….

Despite his loving patience, every once in a while, I have to stop and take a day to use up this over-abundance of crap.  I mean “scrap”. “Scrap!” Thisoverabundanceofscrap!

Notice I said use up NOT clean out or get rid of.

Because, honestly….

I promise you…

It would kill me to throw it away.

For the sake of self justification, here’s a few little examples of the possibilities found in small random scraps.

Scrap Wood

Scrap Wood Hearts


Scrap Wood

Scrap Wood Bird


Scrap Wood

Geometric Scrap Wood Heart

I think that as long as I do these little artsy things with my scrap every now and then, it’ll be ok.

My scrap collection is justified… right?

I’m okay…. right?


Now to convince my family…..

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