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Junkers Unite | Scrap Wood Holiday Tree

I’m all about saving tiny pieces of scrap, even the odd shaped ones.

Case in point, this Scrap Wood Holiday Tree…

Junkers United

I was invited to join 13 bloggers in this year’s Junkers United Christmas Event, and since I have lots of junk, I’m all in.

Each one of us are sharing a piece of Holiday awesome, so check out the other bloggers and their projects listed at the end of this post.

And now, here’s how I came up with this strange little tree…

First off, here’s the tiny scrap I was talking about.  I’ve got a lot of different colors in my collection, so it took me longer to find enough green pieces than I’d like to admit.

scraps wood

Next, I found some thin plywood and glued on some scraps of white as my background.  (It took me forever to sift through to get the white ones too.)

white scrap wood

Now that the day was half-over, I started to nail on pieces randomly, in a very random pattern.

ryobi nailer

That’s my RYOBI Airstrike 16 gauge finish nailer in the image above.

I need a bigger purse to carry it in, because I take it with me everywhere.

Just kidding, I don’t have a purse.

Moving on, here’s a shot of me adding even tinier pieces with glue.

christmas wood tree

Then, I dressed it up with some wire and upholstery tacks.

wire garland

Then I built a little shadowbox frame.

box frame

And last, I painted the frame, installed the art piece tree thing, and took a picture.

DIY Wood Holiday Tree

And that’s how I justify my tiny scrap collection.

I’m not sure if my husband’s buying it though…

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