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Sign of a true friend…

Free Hand Painting A Sign

I can’t answer that for everybody, but for me… I’ve got a specific list .

A true friend:

Doesn’t speak of your flaws.  In fact, they embrace them because nobody’s perfect.

Shows up on your porch with a handful of chocolate, when it’s been raining for 3 days.  (They know how you feel about consecutive rainy days .)

Suddenlystarts taking off your cabinet doors to help you paint them, before you have time to come up with a “system” or a “plan“.  (Because they know you’ll regret wasting time coming up with another needless “system” to do something.  They know you. They know when you just need a little nudge.)

Climbs through old abandoned houses with you, and pretends they didn’t see the “NO TRESPASSING” sign.

Cares about your kids and hugs them daily. (And not just because they work at the school your kids attend, but because they actually love them.)

Overpays you every time simply because they can, they love you, and they feel you deserve it.

Picks up where you left off with them, no matter how much time passes.  They believe in you automatically, just like they did in high school.

Listens, laughs at your jokes, and makes you feel important, as the rain literally pours down on their unfinished roof.

Thinks you have valuable things to say, so they go to bat for you.  They get their family to back you up.  They help you to be heard.

Drops everything in the middle of their own chaos, and drives with you to your hometown to meet YOUR parents.  They easily begin to love YOUR parents enough to cry when your dad gets sick.

Sees a spark in you somewhere, and continually places things along your path to help ignite ideas and fuel your journey.

But my favorite sign of a true friend, is when they like you no matter what kind of day you’ve had.

Friends that are true don’t come along every day.

I’ve learned that they aren’t defined by age, status, or boundaries.

Sometimes we don’t recognize them right off, but then, a true friend isn’t going to point that out.

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