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Six DIY Projects For A Haunting Halloween

I love the fall season and all the Halloween festivities.  It’s such a happy and exciti-…. okay.  I’ve got to stop right there.  I’ve never been great at doing Halloween.  I pour all my energy into kids costumes every year, which leaves zero time to come up with anything else creative for the holiday.  Why do my boys decide to be weird things?  A Super Mario Bros question box?  A Minecraft villager before Minecraft villager costumes were invented?  A bowling ball?… Needless to say, my creative time for the month of October is sucked up by my kids dreams of weird costumes that money can not buy.  Not my favorite kind of DIY.

Before the aforementioned chaos begins, I thought I’d round up some DIY projects that are more my cup of tea.  Here’s 6 DIY Projects for a Haunting Halloween.

These Halloween Gravestones by Jen Woodhouse are a fun kind of creepy.   Fun, because you can put whatever wording you want on the front of them and also creepy, because you can put whatever wording you want on the front of them.

halloween diy ryobi lawn headstones

This next one is perfect for me.  I am a big supporter of things that support me not answering the doorbell.  (I’m not kidding.  Ask anyone.)  Check out the how to for this awesome Frankenstein Candy Box on RYOBI NATION.  I need this badly.

candy box halloween display holder

If you are the person who has to take store bought Halloween cupcakes to the party, it’s ok.  I’m that person too.  But you know what, no one will care because you could transport them with this DIY Cupcake Carrier by Cherished Bliss.  See?  You’ve already forgotten about your non-existent baking skills.

cupcake carrier diy holder

Can’t do spooky?  Or creepy, scary, or ghoulish?  Then how ’bout these Framed Pumpkins over at Pretty Handy Girl?  Guest contributor Jamie, does a DIY tutorial for those of us who have a problem committing to only Halloweeny things.

holiday pumpkin sign art wood

Nothing says Halloween quite like the word BOO!  Get in the Halloween Haunting spirit with this “BOO” Halloween Sign.halloween decor sign boo holiday mantle fall

Last on my little list of DIY projects for a Haunting Halloween is this DIY Sugar Skull Art from Jamie at That’s My Letter. I LOVE this!  (Jamie does all the holidays, real good.)

sugar skull art diy sign halloween decor

And that’s it!  Now go get your Halloween DIY on before you’re stuck making costumes!

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