DIY Reclaimed Wood Snowflake

Reclaimed Wood Snowflake | Winter Decor

You know what they say about snowflakes…

“No two snowflakes are alike.”

Actually, it was Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley who said that.  He loved snowflakes, and his story is fascinating.  In his lifetime in Vermont, he collected and recorded over 5000 snowflakes, photographing the first close-up of a snowflake in 1885.  You can  read about Snowflake Bentley.

I’m fond of snowflakes too.  Why?  I’m not sure, but I think it has something to do with the symmetry of a snowflake.

It pleases my eye.  It tickles a nerve in my brain somewhere, and feelings of nostalgia bubble up…..

(I’m getting distracted….)


Reclaimed Wood Snowflake

Let me start by saying: I don’t have specific measurements.  I “eyeball” it.


This is  when I  mark the center of the boards.  Yeah, I guess you could use a tape measure for that.  I can never find mine, so I usually use a ribbon or string to find the center.  (In case you’re curious, I cut the ribbon, string, or in this case, dental floss, the same length as a board, match up the two ends of the dental floss, and that’s my length from one end of the board, to the center.  Basically, it’s like I’m using floss to make-believe I’m folding the board in half to find the middle.)  That middle mark will be where the boards intersect.  Keeping it symmetrical folks!

Now, if I didn’t totally confuse everyone, let’s move on.


For this snowflake, I chose these “detail” pieces.

6 big V’s

6 small V’s

6 triangles

3 longer boards

3 shorter boards

(45degree miter cuts)


After I lay everything out to make sure it works, I go grab a diet coke from the fridge, totally ignoring the mostly full can I opened 30 minutes earlier.  (Hey- it’s got a shelf life after you open it, and it falls off my radar.)

As soon as I set the new can down right next to the old one, I say “crap” mentally for being so wasteful.  I then attach my detail pieces to the ends.

Here’s a little side note:  I love Gorilla Glue.  If you are ever using old wood, this stuff is even awesomer than you think.



Then the  assembling.

With longer boards on bottom and working up, I glue and screw, not forgetting pilot holes. (This wood’s temperamental.  If you try to force it into a close relationship…  It’ll split!)  Buh-duh-Buh-crash!

After attaching all six boards, It’s done.


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Reclaimed Wood Snowflake


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