Easy DIY Spray Painted Dresser

Spray Painted Dresser

Here’s a good old fashioned before and after.

pink dresser girl furniture

This dresser was a gift from a friend who had found it at a local thrift store.  There was some damage on the top from some spilled nail polish, so that meant I could paint the whole thing a new color, right?  And I could do it guilt free, right?

pink dresser spray paint refinished

My friend said she wouldn’t be offended if I didn’t keep it pink. (She’s really nice and she understands my complicated history with the rosy shade.)  It sounds silly, but as a tomboy I grew up feeling like the color pink was out to get me and make me wear dresses and ruffle socks.  I digress . . .

First thing to address was the unfortunate accident on the top of it.  I used my cordless RYOBI orbital sander to smooth it out.  (150, then 220 grit sandpaper.)

ryobi orbital sander cordless

Masonite.  🙁

pink furniture

I went over all the remaining surface (minus the vinyl drawer fronts) with 220 grit sandpaper to scuff up the old pink paint.

After removing the dust with a tack cloth and cleaning the vinyl, it was ready for spray paint.

spray paint gloss dresser drawers white

I ended up using 6 cans.  (I did not use a separate can of primer.)

FYI:  This paint works really well on stiff vinyl like what’s found on these drawer fronts.  In my experience, the performance depends a lot on how well the surface is prepped.  In the case of this vinyl, I used dollar store degreaser to clean it.  It was overkill though, because this piece of furniture was actually very clean to begin with.

refinish paint gloss white dresser drawers

It turns out this dresser was originally white.  A previous owner painted it pink and had not removed the metal rails before painting it.  That’s ok, neither did I.

And of course, all the tiny random fuzzy things within a mile radius landed in my glossy finish.

glossy spray paint

Fast forward to a few days later when the paint had fully cured and the paint smell had totally gone; I moved it up to my baby girl’s room.


Ahh white.  The one color I never end up regretting.

glossy white girl dresser

Oh- I also laid some craft paper in the bottom of the drawers because that seemed like the thing to do.

white dresser before and after

No pink in sight.

glossy white dresser girl's room furniture before and after diy spray painted


I feel so tough whenever I take a stand against certain colors in certain situations.

(Yes I have a daughter now, but I will not be bullied by the color pink!)

(She tolerates me.)

White dresser makeover

Thanks for reading!


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