Reclaimed Wood Star | Winter Decor

It’s a star.  Nothing more.

Just a big star made out of some old wood.

I’m not gonna tell you anything new, or that it’s a super neat trick to make this star.

My 5 year old pieces together little stars like this with my scraps all the time….. (well, he’s actually really smart for his age, so… bad example.)

My point is, anyone can do this.

You will need:

  • 5 boards

“How big?”, you ask.

“As big as you want”, I answer.

They don’t have to be the same exact length, either… unless it will drive you crazy to look at a star that’s a little too “rustic” in shape.

  • Drill
  • Screws and/or nails and hammer
  • Gorilla Glue

Reclaimed Wood Star boards

Let me give you a quick run down of the points I’d like to point out first.

Rusty nails and screwsPoint One:

I chose to dip into my rusty nail supply.  I’m not sure what that “S” hook thingy is doing in there.  It’s bugging me right now as I look at this image.  Usually my little 5 year old assistant does a better job at organizing things.  (I swear, this boy does things like this just to mess with me…ha ha)

In case you are wondering about the nails, I’ll tell you.  Nails are underestimated.  The good old-fashioned kind don’t get used enough anymore.  It’s almost like we think they aren’t as strong as the mighty screw.  IMHO(that means: “In My Humble Opinion”.  (My mom might read this.))…  I think they are just as strong when used correctly.  Plus, they look more authentic.  Did you see the snowflake in my last post?  I wish I would have used nails.  I better go edit that.

Gorilla Glue Reclaimed Wood StarPoint Two:

Glue.  What kind?  Gorilla Glue, of course.  Why?  Because it acts like a filler and glue in one.  If your wood looks like mine, it’s got some issues.  Not “bad” issues, just the one’s that come with age.  This glue expands as it dries, and fills in the spaces in the surface of the wood to give you better contact.  (I’m trying not to sound too promotional here… I genuinely love it with all my heart.)  After securing with nails, this star is a star for the rest of it’s life.  No need for clamping if you’re going to nail or screw it together right away.



Reclaimed Wood Star FixStar Fix CompletePoint Three:

Shims.  Since I overlapped boards, naturally there will be some spacing at the points of the star.  That’s not good….  (This is the moment I look over at all my stacks of little bins filled with tiny scraps, and I feel validated.  See?  I have a shims of all sizes if I need them!  (My husband might read this.))  Use shims to get contact on all points of the star.

Pre Drilling Reclaimed Wood StarPoint Four:

Pre drill.  Especially if your wood is as old as mine, and even if you are using nails and not screws.  Because I’m telling you, the wood will split.  Just be sure the drill bit you use isn’t fatter than the nail or screw.  You don’t want your nail “falling” into the hole.




Nail in StarReclaimed Wood Nail Star

Reclaimed Wood Star LayoutReclaimed Star Allign


Another Step

Star Reclaimed pattern

Star Reclaimed design Wood







Reclaimed Wood Star Finished

See, wasn’t that easy?

Can I ask a favor?…

Humor me for a minute, please.


A porch.  (Don’t close your eyes, I need you to keep reading.)

It might be a wraparound, it might be a colonial style. 

Picture whatever kind of porch your mind wants to settle on.

Now picture this star I highlighted in this post.

It’s leaned up against the house on your imaginary porch, left of the front door.

No, wait! The right side.

Or the left…..  grrr.. you choose which side.

The star looks great, in all it’s rustic glory.Star Reclaimed

But there’s more.

There’s another, slightly smaller, next to it.

And, there’s another star! A shorter, but wider, one!

And an even smaller greyish one, and a plain brown one, and….

You get the idea.

That would make one cool, star-clustered, porch.  (IMHO.)

Now, picture a mantle…..

(just kidding, I’m done. ) 🙂

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