Swiss Inspired Table

Swiss Inspired Sawhorse Table

So I built a table.  I’ll tell you all about my first experience following table plans, but I have to warn you, I took liberties.

I saw an outdoor Pottery Barn Table Knockoff that Shanty 2 Chic did, and used the same plans they collaborated with Ana White on.

(Get the original plans on

But sometimes, I like to complicate things.  I can’t stick to a plan.

I wanted to lighten the weight of the table a little bit, because I realized how heavy a 2×6 was when I was loading them up at Home Depot.

So of course I decided not to use all of the 2×6’s after I got them home and they were sitting on the floor in my shop.  Instead, I turned right around and went back to get some wood planks.  My new plan was to use the wood planks across the top, instead of the 2×6’s the plans call for.

ryobi miter saw

After all was said and done, I had 5 2×6’s and 2 2×4’s left over that I didn’t end up using.

I substituted those with 3 1x12x8  planks, and 1 1x10x8 plank.

I’m fairly certain money-wise, it was a wash.  (Lumber total for Ana White’s plan is about $85.00)

Below is a couple photos for reference on measurements.  My table length is 92“, a little longer that the 88” on the plans.

diy sawhorse table bottom

After I had the base built, I attached the plank on the end (right end of table), and added a plank at a time.

diy wood plank table

I used my airstrike from above to secure the end board…

ryobi nailer

I joined edges of the planks from below,

kreg jig table

Then I secured with screws.

building a wood table

(I pre-drilled holes with my Kreg Jig along the edges of the planks before I began putting the top on the table.)

I had built the + by attaching two squares to a 12” wide plank.

kreg jig wood table

When I got to the point where the + came into play, I traced the shape and cut it out with my jigsaw before attaching it to the base.

tracing shape

building a diy table

I’ve never attempted an inlay of sorts, so of course I just made this up as I went along.

diy wood inlay

I laid the plus sign in and nailed it down.

After that, I finished attaching the planks and took my cordless jigsaw to distress around some edges of the table top.

ryobi jigsaw

Then I took a rasp to the edges as well, and leveled any uneven seams between the planks.

wood rasp


And this is a perfect spot to segue into the finishing technique.

Finish Technique

Swiss Inspired Sawhorse Table Tutorial


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