Crates And Pallet Wall Storage and Organization

Wall Storage And Organization

Here’s a fact about me:  I’m a fan of the storage crate.

I love anything that can hold other things, because they make me feel more organized.

A while back I received some crates from Crates & Pallet, and took the opportunity to build something for their “Back to School” campaign.   With these crates, I hoped to address one of the biggest problems in my home:  backpack dumped on floor syndrome.

It’s like an affliction or something.  Or maybe it’s an addiction.  Either way my kids suffer from it, which means I’ll probably catch it sooner or later and start dumping my tools everywhere…. wait.  Never mind. My point is, backpacks on the floor in an entryway, = hazard.  Thank goodness I’ve got a plan for back to school season.

(Read on for a bonus at the end of this post.)

Building a divided box

I began with some 1/2″ thick plywood, cut to the dimensions in the image below.

This would hold the three small crates, and act as a shelf as well.

crate box storage

Like this:

small crate storage

I spaced the dividers out evenly, and used some wood glue and a nail gun to assemble it.

The back piece and small dividers are sandwiched between the top and bottom pieces.

diy crate wall storage

After this triple cubby shelf thingy was assembled, I primed and painted it.

Then I got mad because I should have done that first.

diy storage solution paint

Next, I installed two shelf brackets to hold the shelf unit.

I must have been the luckiest person in the universe this day, because there were studs right where I needed them them to be.

wall shelving

My painting fun wasn’t over because next, I sanded/primed/sanded/painted/sanded all the crates.

(Eight.  There are eight of them.)

(That’s 8 crates, primed and painted.)

ryobi corner cat sander

Then, because I have leftover hexagon urges, I traced-  hexagons.

trace hexagon

Then, I painted hexagons.

blue hexagons

When the paint was dry, I used screws to attach the crates to the underside of the shelf.

build storage crate unit

Like so…

triple cubby storage

But weight.  There’s more…

(Hey dad. That’s for you.)

To help secure it for maximum weight/load requirements, I installed three small ledges underneath, followed by  three hooks.  (For backpacks.)

wall mounting crates for storage

The last thing in this feature, is the floor crates.  I installed a handle on each one, as well as some casters so my kids could roll them around inappropriately.

(For the casters, I nailed a 1 x 2″ scrap onto each corner before adding them.)

rolling crates

And that, is that.

I’m optimistic…  my boys will NOT dump their things on the floor.

I promise.  They won’t.

They’ll WANT to take advantage of this beautiful display of storage perfection.

They’ll be entranced by the random, floating, hexagons.

They’ll be drawn to the organizing opportunity seen here, by the tranquil shades of blue.

I’ll keep you updated, come school time.

crate wall organization

(^^^I’m already working on suggestions to their subconscious minds.)

crate shelving

What would you do with some free crates from Crates & Pallet?

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Thank you Crates & Pallet!

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