Wood Art Video Tutorial

I love art.

I love it because art is something that is defined by the person who creates it, and redefined by the eyes that behold it.

When I started all this reclaimed wood / DIY/ I do stuff  hullabaloo and started collecting and rescuing aged wood, I didn’t have the heart to throw out the leftover scrap pieces.  Before long, I was looking for a way to put them all together to be something bigger.  This is when my love for Gorilla Glue was born.

I reached out to the Gorilla Glue Company after I had established my method of creating these pieces.  I was so excited about how perfect it worked for me, and I wanted to let them know it.  The company sent me a box of glue soon after and the rest, is history.

Recently, I created this video about how I use Gorilla Glue for my art pieces.  Don’t be alarmed if it appears promotional, because actually, I am totally promoting it.  I use it, I love it, and I will never use anything else.  (Feels good to get that off my chest.)

Thanks for listening, and I hope you find my video useful.

Visit this tutorial for information on – how I build box frames for art pieces.

Here’s a few more examples…

Reclaimed Wood Art

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

And for the long-live-chevron friends out there …

(you know who you are)

chevron wall art

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